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Tracy & Derek Kennen with Thor

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About TK Kennel

TK Kennel breeds only APBTs that possess and demonstrate the finest and most impeccable genetic traits possible. Tracy and Derek Kennen, founders of TK Kennel, have always had a passion for animals; At a very young age, Tracy first discovered her passion for dogs while caring for two Golden Retrievers in her house. Later (2009), Tracy got her first Pit Bull and immediately fell in love with the breed and its affectionate and loving character.

At about the same time, Derek – along with his father and brother – dove headlong into understanding genetics on the deer farm they owned. Within a few years, they had produced the world’s biggest buck to walk the planet, and they did it twice! It was a perfect match, and in 2016, the couple decided to embark upon their own dream of becoming a top breeder of APBTs in the country.

Derek’s work on genetics and an agreement on the best breeder available, resulted in a decision to make a trip to Utah and there the ultimate purchase of a red-nose variety of APBT from FPM Kennels: a stud the couple named Thor. A month later, another trip — this time to New York – resulted in the purchase of a female from Top Blue Kennels. She was a Blue variety; they named her Blue Baby, or B.B. for short. The rest, as they say, is history, and it was definitely history in the making as the Thor-Blue Baby mating resulted in an incredible litter of 11 pups!