Meet the parents


APBT stud Thor in the snow

Thor is our 117-pound foundation stud that we acquired in 2016 from FPM Kennels. We drove from Wisconsin to Utah (FPM Kennels is now based out of Tennessee) to pick up our first breeder, a long but very rewarding trip. At 7 weeks old, Thor was already such a well-behaved boy, not having one accident in the car or hotel room!

He’s a highly intelligent, loving, protective, impressively strong, beautiful, loud-snoring, silly, playful and just simply the best all-around dog I’ve ever had ! Thor has fathered two litters to-date and we couldn’t be happier with the results! 

Thor’s lineage includes: Chevy Red, Madrigal Porky, Iron Clad, Iron Cross, and Gotti. That lineage along with the proper training helped to produce a stud with a great temperament, superb intelligence, and a powerhouse of strength! 

Thor enjoys playing fetch, resistance training, being outside, going for car rides, taking up bed space, snuggling and playing with kids of all ages!

Blue Baby

Beautiful Blue Baby - Thor's mate

Blue Baby (aka B.B.) came from Top Blue Kennels in New York. From the minute we saw her, it was clear that she was a laid back, “cool-with-anything” kind of dog. She learns quickly and is very treat-motivated. When worked, she has great energy and stamina but is not one to participate in or enjoy fetching the ball. She is, however, the biggest (at 105 pounds) snuggler, and always has to have her heavy head laying on you.

Her first litter in 2018 she was very impressive for her first round. We started with natural whelping lasting for 24 hours, ending with an emergency C-section and  11 beautiful, healthy puppies! B.B took to mothering as if she’d done it before. She was very attentive, loving and cautious. 

Her second litter was like riding a bike! Only this time, by our vets recommendation, we scheduled a C-section. Within a couple of hours,  all the pups were out and we were all on our way home. Same as last time, she was an attentive and loving mother, even helping me round up the puppies when it was time to put them back in their whelping box!

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